Ferret Won’t Eat Kibble After Battling Ulcers

How do you transition a ferret back to kibble after it was ill and ate a special diet?

Q: My 4-year-old ferret, Spunky, was diagnosed with stomach ulcers last month. He had been lethargic and not eating. After three weeks of antibiotics, he is back to himself and almost 100 percent, but he does not want to eat his kibble. His veterinarian does not see any problem with his teeth and suggested trying different kibble. I have tried four different brands and still no bite. I’ve been soaking kibble and mixing it with a bit of Carnivore Care, but I am concerned that he’s still not interested in dry kibble. What can I do to get him to eat kibble again?

A: It is possible that your ferret now prefers this tasty mix you have been making him! Try just soaking the kibble without Carnivore Care. Once your ferret is eating that, soak the kibble for less time to make it harder, or add dry kibble to the mix. Basically, you want to slowly transition your ferret back to his pre-ulcer diet.

Be patient with your ferret to make sure he is completely healed before forcing anything. You can also try hand-feeding some dry kibble. If the food comes directly from you, it might encourage your ferret to eat it.

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