Ferret With Blue Belly

What is going on with a ferret who has a blue tummy but no new fur growth?

Q: I live in Greece, so I can’t find a veterinarian who knows a lot about ferrets. My ferret has something blue around her tummy. I read that happens when new hairs grow, but her belly is not bald. Is this from new hair or some kind of disease?

A: When ferrets grow new hair, many times the skin where the new hair is growing in appears to turn blue. This can be normal. But in ferrets that have unusual amounts of hair loss, such as with adrenal gland disease, you may see a bluish tinge to the skin more often.

If your ferret has normal hair growth, then there should not be a bluish tinge from new hair. Then there are two other things to consider. One, your ferret may have bruising on her belly. Bruising can be from trauma, such as falling from a short height, or sometimes disease of the blood cells can lead to increased bruising.

The other reason you may see a bluish tinge on the belly, especially if it is only on the belly, is that there is some organ or mass in the belly that is pressing on the skin and you are seeing this mass through the skin. This can happen most commonly with an enlarged spleen.

In all of these conditions, the best way to get an answer is to visit a veterinarian. If you do not have a veterinarian in your area who specializes in ferrets, try finding a veterinarian who is happy to consult with colleagues in other areas or countries and can help you and your ferret.

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