Ferret With Adrenal Gland Disease Problems

How should a ferret with adrenal gland disease be treated?

Q: Our ferret has adrenal gland disease. She has had two surgeries and several melatonin implants. However, the last implant failed (or came out). Our veterinarian said she was told that the implants are only good for three times, but I’ve never heard this anywhere else. Should we ask her to try another melatonin implant, or lupron? Any other suggestions? The veterinarian doesn’t want to attempt any more surgeries because of the age of our ferret and the position of the remainder of the adrenal tumor.
A: We don’t have enough data to know how many lupron injections or melatonin implants can be given to a ferret before they stop working. This is because every ferret adrenal tumor is different and most tumors change over time.

I can understand the reluctance of your veterinarian to perform any more surgeries.

It would not be wrong to ask your veterinarian to try lupron or another melatonin implant or any of the other treatments we have for adrenal gland disease.

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