Ferret Unaccustomed To Two-Level Cage

A ferret owner wants tips for getting a ferret to use both levels of a new cage.

Q: I bought a new cage for my ferret. It has two levels, but my ferret will not go up and down onto both levels. I have to pick him up and switch him from level to level whenever he wants to eat or use his litter box. How can I get him to not be scared of going down the stairs to the other level?

A: Try a two-pronged approach. First, if possible, turn the stairs into a ramp; this may help him feel more secure. Second, use food or a toy to encourage him to navigate between the levels instead of placing him from one to the other. This will allow him to actually walk down the ramp.

Meanwhile, if you have stairs in your home, help your ferret learn to walk up and down them outside of the cage. Not only will this help in the cage, but it is great exercise too.

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