Ferret Tries To Leap But Fails

It’s fascinating to watch this ferret as she attempts to make a leap, because you can almost see her visualizing her success.

ferret on head of boy
Via The Ferret Lawyer/YouTube
Dot is a very determined ferret!

This ferret is on a mission. You can see from the first second of this video that Dot the ferret desperately wants to reach the top of that dresser. There’s a boy right there who she could play with, but play is not what’s on her mind. Apparently, conquering a “mountain” is more her style, and she’s perfectly happy to use the boy as her launch pad. 

Of course, boys aren’t really designed to be launch pads, so when Dot tries to climb on top of his head to get closer to the dresser, things don’t go well. If only he had matted hair that was full of knots. That might have given poor Dot some traction.

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So, Dot settles for trying to make the jump from his shoulder. I think we’ve all seen enough videos of ferrets trying to leap to things to know where this is going. I was actually happy for the somewhat surprising result that did NOT end with Dot hitting her stomach against the corner of the dresser. 

That ferret was eager for the jump, though. She was lining up the flight path, bunching her muscles and doing everything she could. She just needed a better launch pad.

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