Ferret Treats The World As Her Litter Box

Can a ferret be stopped from using the world as her litter box?

Q: My ferret Tinker is using random places all over the house as a bathroom. She also potties on the outside of the litter box. My other ferret, Tubby, usually uses the litter box in the cage or in the corner, but will also use it where she goes if he is not around his litter box. What can I do to stop Tinker from going to the bathroom all over the place?

A: The simplest answer is to add more litter boxes for your ferrets, which will help Tubby.

For Tinker, keep her in a smaller space (small room or the cage) until she has used the litter box, then allow her free time to roam.

When she’s free, keep an eye on her. When she seems like she needs to go again, place her in a litter box. Keep in mind that ferrets are not cats and will not be as trustworthy in their litter box use as a cat; it is up to you to keep your eyes open and help ferrets find a litter box.

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