Ferret That’s Vomiting

Is it a serious condition when a young ferret vomits?

Q: My ferret started vomiting. She’s done it about five or six times. She’s less than a year old and was in excellent health. Should I take her to the veterinarian? She’s sleeping now.

A: Any ferret that is under a year of age that starts vomiting should be considered very sick and be taken to a veterinarian immediately. Vomiting causes the loss of fluids, calories and electrolytes. The ferret is no longer able to fully regulate some of its metabolic functions and can become quite sick just from vomiting.

The causes of vomiting in a young ferret are many but include eating foreign objects, infections and toxins. The first thing your veterinarian might do is replace the lost fluids and electrolytes by injections and give some medication to control the vomiting. Then blood tests and radiographs may be necessary to look for a cause to the vomiting.

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