Ferret Suddenly Chews Its Hammock

Why would a ferret suddenly begin chewing its hammock?

Q: I believe that the reason our one ferret is chewing on her hammy is because she is stressed or bored. Is this so? We moved, and I have not gotten out their gates and other things to keep them from getting hurt. We plan on having this done maybe next week if it doesn’t rain; no later than two weeks. They do get out at least three hours a day in my bedroom, but I want them out most of the day with me. But, I can’t get to the things I need to set up the living room yet.

A: Stress and boredom are certainly both a possibility from what you describe of your ferret’s situation. Stress can lead to ulcers, and we often see this presented as ferrets chewing inappropriate things. Also, the stress could be due to the recent move. The different routine could easily be stressful for your ferret, and the change in play time/space could be leading to boredom.

I would have your ferret checked out by a veterinarian to make sure the stress or the chewing isn’t caused by an illness. If your ferret continues to chew the hammock, try to arrange her schedule as similar as possible to before the move and remove the hammock for a little while so she isn’t able to chew on it.

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