Ferret Steals His Owner

Ferret owners know about the stealing and stashing that ferrets are prone to doing. This little ferret tries to steal something really big!

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This ferret is determined to steal his owner.

I know that ferrets are adorable little kleptomaniacs, and I have heard of ferrets trying to drag away their owner, but this is the first time I’ve seen a video to document that attempted feat.

Talk about confidence. This is somewhat akin to a person deciding that, sure, I can move the equivalent of a little more than four average cars (assuming the average ferret weighs 2 pounds, the average person weighs 185 pounds and the average car is 4,000 pounds). Or maybe it’s similar to an ant trying to move a rubber tree plant; but I digress.

The cool thing is that the ferret tried to steal away his owner so gently. Teeth were involved, but only for a soft grip. And his little ferret feet almost became a blur as he moved quickly to drag his prize away to a hidey-hole. The dooks of determination were precious.

Something makes me think that the person attached to the hand won’t fit in this ferret’s stash spot. But that’s a problem for another day. For now, just gaze in wonder at Snow, the little ferret who could, and did, steal away his owner’s hand!

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