Ferret Scent Glands

Is it illegal to sell a ferret that hasn’t been de-scented?

Q: I have a ferret that I bought from a pet store in Indiana. The employee said that two of the four scent glands had been removed. A friend told me that it is illegal to sell a ferret in Indiana without all the scent glands being removed. Is this true? Do I need to call the pet store and make them fix the problem?
A: Any ferret sold at a pet store usually comes from a ferret breeding farm and has the anal or scent glands removed prior to being sent to the store. Ferrets have a pair of these glands (only a pair, not four).

Because your ferret is most likely from a breeder (identified by paperwork from the store or by ear tattoos), it is likely correctly de-scented.

As far as I know (but certainly in Indiana), ferrets do not need to have their scent glands removed to be sold at a pet store; most ferrets purchased privately do not have them removed.

As a point of information, only one of my 11 ferrets has had its scent glands removed.

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