Ferret Prefers Clean Litter Box

Why would a ferret stop using the litter box?

Q: My male ferret Diesel will only use a clean litter box. As soon as my female ferret Fidget uses the litter box, Diesel goes potty next to the box. How do I get him to go back to the litter box? He just started doing this about a month ago. He is about a year and a half old. My female ferret is about two and a half.
A: Getting ferrets to use litter boxes can be tricky and frustrating. It seems that your ferret Diesel prefers a clean litter box, so you should either clean as often as possible to keep it to his liking or add additional litter boxes.

If you recently changed litter, this could also make a difference or if you changed the location of the litter box.

I would add additional litter boxes and make sure you make everything just like it was before he stopped using the litter box as well as he had. Ferrets can be just as picky as cats about their litter habits, and any change can throw them off.

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