Ferret Odor Problem

Why do these ferrets stink?

Q: I have owned ferrets in the past and never had an odor problem with them, but the two ferrets I have currently smell no matter what I do. I have bathed them and their bedding; I have put the odor banning serums in their water, etc. I previously fed different food and never had this problem. Could the yeast in the food I’m now feeding be causing the odor? The smell is very oppressive, and I am really not sure how I can combat this. Any thoughts?

A: You know the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, ferrets are no different. A ferret’s poop is comprised of elements from the food it eats. It seems that fish smells the worst when it comes back out.

The better quality ferret food you feed (and you can check numerous websites that compare food quality), the better the poop smells. A high-quality protein is more easily digested and, therefore, causes less waste.

That being said, make sure you clean litter boxes often, wash bedding often, and don’t bathe your ferrets too frequently, as this can increase their odor.

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