Ferret Movie Fun, And New Happenings At Ferrets Magazine

This month, ferret fans get another movie to gab about, and Ferrets magazine ushers in exciting articles and a couple changes.

Welcome to 2009! And here’s hoping it’s a better year than 2008. One bright spot in 2008 was the barrage of movies featuring critters. Are you a hamster fan? Check out Disney’s animated flick named Bolt. Rhino the hamster is a scene-stealer in that. Are mice more your style? Then it’s The Tale Of Despereaux for you. What about guinea pigs? They made it into Bedtime Stories (a live action movie) with a character named Bugsy.

And for ferret fans? Well, this year starts with a bang. The long-awaited movie Inkheart is finally set to release January 23, 2009, and it features a ferret. Well, strictly speaking, it’s not a ferret in the story, but it’s an animal portrayed by ferrets wearing tiny little horns. Oh, I have to see that.

Other things I’m excited about this month are the articles we have. Suzy Mentzer’s glimpse into ferret shows in Italy and Germany was fascinating to read. I think my favorite part is the judging style in Italy. We also begin our series on ferret anatomy, kicking off with an article all about the nervous system on January 12. And we’ll be dipping into genetics with an article discussing the basics of how it affects ferrets on January 19. We also have a profile of the American Ferret Association coming January 26. What is this organization and what does it do? We’ll find out!

Our columnists continue in 2009, and we begin with Bob Church revealing the secret to finding the perfect ferret sitter. Meanwhile, Troy Lynn Eckart takes us behind the scenes at the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Shelter.

The new year brings one change to our columns — make that two. We’re retiring the Ferret Superstars column and starting a new one. Rebecca Stout is still the columnist, but she’ll be tossing out a fun or interesting question to ferret owners and reporting on the results every other month. Her first column debuts in February and focuses on the funniest thing that ever happened to a ferret owner as a result of owning ferrets.

Finally, here’s a tip for navigating our site. If you ever click into an article, then can’t seem to get back to the Ferrets magazine homepage, just click on the Ferrets Magazine link in the navigation bar along the left side of the screen. Ferrets Magazine is right near the top, just under Shop Critters. That link zips you back to the homepage. As always, if you have questions or comments about the site, I hope you’ll drop me an e-mail.

Have a great January!

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