Ferret Litter Training Tips

Here are some tips to make the best of litter training your ferret.

Litter: Most experienced ferret owners and breeders have found that pelleted litters are the best choice. The pellets are heavy enough to remain in the litter pan when the ferret steps out. They contain much less dust than other litter types, and they are highly absorbent and easily scooped.

Litter Pans: Because ferrets have a tendency to hike up their fannies when relieving themselves, a low-sided litter pan will do little good in confining deposits. Pans with sides at least four inches tall are the most effective at confining deposits within bounds. Manufacturers have now designed litter pans to specifically meet the needs of ferrets. Triangular in shape, with one high corner to prevent “over-shooting,” these pans work well.

Litter Pan Placement: Limit the number of pans placed in the cage. One or two litter pans are sufficient for two to four ferrets. Excessive litter pans in the cage will only encourage your pets to sleep or play in them.

Keep the pan in the corner by attaching it to the cage wall with heavy-gauge wire. Or try D-clamps – although they may not be pleasant looking, two or three clamps placed in strategic locations on the sides of the pan can work well.

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