Ferret Gender Differences

Are male ferrets more docile than female ferrets, or vice versa?

Q: Is there a significant difference in docility between a spayed female sable and a neutered male sable? I’ve had only female ferrets, and I realize that particular characteristic is probably individual-specific, however, I’ve just about decided to look for a male just so he can’t hide in as many places. I’d forego that, though, if there is a real difference.

A: I have had many ferrets of each gender over the years, and my opinion is that male ferrets tend to be a little calmer, but that is only based on my experiences. Many other ferret owners would probably tell you something different. Male ferrets can be larger, but that is the only difference I would say with any certainty. A ferret’s docility is probably more dependent on its own, individual personality.

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