Ferret Gains Too Much Weight After Switching Food

Is it a concern if a ferret suddenly gains weight after switching food?

Q: We adopted a 2- or 3-year-old boy ferret about three months ago. He’s in relatively good health but was a little thin, sunken in like. He was being fed cat food. It took awhile, but he now eats what the other ferrets eat, which is a ferret-specific food. He loves it so much, he is now very overweight. Any suggestions?

A: I don’t often hear about overweight ferrets unless they have constant access to a high-fat food and limited exercise. In your case, I’m concerned because the change from underweight to overweight happened so quickly. If I am reading correctly, he was slow to eat the new food and it has only been 3 months? If this is the case, I would have him checked out by your ferret-knowledgeable veterinarian; something may be wrong with his health.

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