Ferret Fun And The Weather

You and your ferret can have more fun when the weather's right.

It’s too hot, it’s too cold. It’s too dry, it’s too wet. Mother Nature keeps us all guessing with the weather. We recently had a heat wave in California. It’s gone, but now it seems other parts of the country are sweltering. Flooding has been a problem in various parts of the United States for many months. For our May issue, Delores Redhage shares her story about rescuing her ferrets from a flood. It’s the latest Your Ferret Story article. If you’ve got a ferret story to share, contact us!

Also new this month is Bob Church’s latest column, with tips on taking your ferret on a walk outside to enjoy the splendors of nature, when the weather is good!

Have you noticed that Travis Livieri is back blogging? His latest blog details his experiences out in the field. His efforts to do black-footed ferret spotlighting are being controlled by, you guessed it, the weather.

On a completely nonweather-related note, we also have an article this month from Jerry Murray, DVM, about the ferret’s circulatory system. Did you know that a ferret’s heart weighs less than an ounce and ferrets don’t have blood types?

OK, all this talk about the weather, outdoors and circulation has me wanting to take a walk. It’s good exercise. See you outside (after you read Dr. Rosenthal’s answers to ferret health questions and Ailigh Vanderbush’s Ferret FAQ answers)!

P.S. If you’ve got a great name for a small animal pet or you need one, be sure to check out our critter names article!

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