Ferret Forgets Litter Training In New Cage

Why would a new cage cause a ferret to forget its litter training?

Q: My ferret Milo used to be great at using his litter box and would only occasionally go in the corner next to it. However, since we got him a new cage that has many levels he goes on the shelves more often than in his litter box. It’s very hard to clean, and I’ve actually seen him wake up and climb all the way to the top of his cage just to poop on the shelf. Is there anything I can do to get him to stop this?

A: With a larger cage comes the need for more litter boxes, especially in places your ferret has started to use to eliminate. Ferrets seem to have habits that are hard to break and become easier to work with instead.

You also need to retrain his litter box habits, much like you did when he was younger and you first brought him home.

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