Ferret Food Hog

How can you help a ferret get its fair share of food when another ferret hogs the food?

Q: I have two ferrets. Helen is a silver that’s a year old, and Daizy is a sable that is 7 months old. Daizy overeats and doesn’t let my other ferret eat. Helen is skinny. What should I do?
A: If your veterinarian agrees that Helen is too skinny and Daizy is too pudgy, then you have a problem with your ferrets. One solution would be to place more than one feeding station (dish) in your ferrets’ cage or environment. This means Helen can eat from one dish while Daizy is occupied at another. You can also employ enrichment techniques that stimulate natural behaviors like hunting, caching, etc. within your ferrets’ environment. Hide food, use puzzle feeders, etc. to make finding food part of the process of eating the food.

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