Ferret Fiction

Feast your eyes on some of the books featuring ferrets that published in 2011.

opening pages to the article Ferret Fiction from Ferrets USA 2012 magazineWhat happens when a father promises to write a book for his children? In the case of New Zealand-born, Canadian author Colin Haskin, it takes a few decades, but the book gets written. Ferret Girl is the book. It published in 2011 and is already winning praise and awards, such as the coveted Kirkus Star, which is awarded to books of remarkable merit. Haskin also attends book signings and appeared at the 2011 Ferret Buckeye Bash.

Ferret Girl tells the story of 14-year-old Fiona, who longs to escape the problems of her parents. Haskin said she attempts what amounts to be a misguided physics experiment and shrinks to the size of her beloved ferret, Bandit. 

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