Ferret Eliminates Under Couch

How can a ferret be stopped from using the area beneath a couch as a litter box?

Q: Is there anything I can use to stop my ferret from getting under the couch and “using the bathroom” in one particular corner? My furniture is slightly old and worn, but we aren’t getting any new furniture soon. Is there any type of spray or deterrent or anything at all I can use? It is hard on my back, especially moving the couch out, flipping it over and cleaning up the area daily.

Someone told me to put a litter box there. If I do that, she will only make this a worse habit. I want her to stop, not keep it up.

A: Instead of placing a litter box there or spraying a deterrent, try to alter the furniture a bit. Either remove the legs so that the chair or sofa sits directly on the floor or attach a wire mesh around the bottom of the furniture to deny access to the area underneath.

Additionally, place a litter box near the sofa to encourage your ferret to go in the litter box instead of under the couch.

Finally, pay attention to your ferret. If you notice her heading under the couch, encourage her to come to you and place her in a litter box to teach her an appropriate place to go.

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