Ferret Eats Litter

Is it safe for a ferret to eat corn litter?

Q: I’ve read that clumping litter for ferrets is not good for them. I’ve recently been using corn litter, but I caught my ferret eating it. Are there any dangers in allowing my ferret to eat the corn litter? Will it hurt my ferret?

A: It is probably not a good idea to let your ferret eat any type of litter. My biggest concern would be “clumping” of the litter in the digestive tract. If this happens, it usually requires surgery to remove the litter in the stomach or intestines.

The ferret’s digestive tract is not designed to absorb nutrients from litter. Therefore, the enzymes won’t break down this material and it won’t easily pass through the tract.

A ferret with litter blocking its digestive tract will soon lose weight, it may vomit and it will require emergency surgery. Therefore, please don’t let your ferret eat any type of litter.

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