Ferret Digs Food Out Of Bowl Sometimes

Is it normal for a ferret to dig food out of its bowl?

Q: Our pet ferret, Peanut, has an unusual behavior. Sometimes when I put fresh food in her bowl, she goes to her bowl and digs most of the food out and into the bottom of her cage. I feed her the food she was raised on. Why does she dig at her food?

A: Wild animals that are “cousins” to pet ferrets hunt animals that live underground, such as rabbits and prairie dogs. Because of this, these animals are designed for the dark, and to tunnel and dig. This is also why they are so flexible.

So, the behavior you describe is not all that unusual for a ferret. It is probably an instinctive behavior that is being used in the wrong circumstances.

Try giving your ferret a digging pit where she can dig to her heart’s content. This might stop or minimize her digging in her food dish.

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