Ferret Chews Through Bedding And More

What can be done to stop a ferret from chewing fabric?

Q: I have a 2-year-old, female ferret. About two months after I got her, she started grinding her teeth on anything and everything soft inside of her cage. The noise is so loud that it wakes me out of a sound sleep. If I don’t constantly stop her, she grinds and grinds until she has worn right through whatever she’s chewing. It is so bad that I have gone through more than 10 hammocks and two Cuddle Cups. I am worried that she is going to end up accidentally eating the stuffing in these. Is there anything you can recommend?

A: First, you really need to get your ferret checked out by a veterinarian, as there could be a number of medical issues causing the grinding. There can be some serious tooth issues that come from fabric chewing, so you really want to make sure there is not something wrong.

Once you get the all clear from a ferret-savvy veterinarian, make sure that you remove all fabric from the cage (specifically the preferred fabric). It is possible that her grinding is stress-related, so you want to make sure you keep her as stress-free as possible. This means following a routine, regular interactive time, etc.

You may also want to research enrichment ideas to keep her occupied, especially with items that are acceptable for her to chew.

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