Ferret Chews His Hammock

Why would a ferret chew fabric?

Q: My ferret is 4 years old and just began chewing on the edge of his hammock. He has never done this before, and I am not sure why he is starting now. Any ideas?

A: My initial thought on any behavior change is to have your ferret checked out by a veterinarian, because some behavior changes can be caused by a medical condition. If your ferret’s health checks out, assess his environment. Educate yourself about fun and interactive ways to enrich your ferret’s life, including games you can play and ways to rearrange his cage to keep him interested. It is possible he is bored and chewing on the hammock gives him something to do.

Chewing on the hammock can damage his teeth, so remove any fabric in the cage that he chews on. Also check his diet and make sure he is on a high-protein, high-fat ferret diet, because nutrition can also affect chewing habits.

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