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Why is a young ferret chewing everything in its cage?

Q: We got two new ferret kits a few months ago, and they have adapted well with our older ferret. The problem is that the young male ferret constantly chews up everything in and out of his cage. It has gotten to the point where my wife is afraid to put anything in the cage, because he may chew it up and swallow it. It doesn’t really matter what it is either — sheets, towels, blankets, old jeans, he even chews on their hammock. Is there something we can do to stop this behavior?
A: Chewing behavior like this can be either due to age (young and teething ferrets), an illness (often an ulcer can cause this behavior), boredom or pica (a behavioral disorder). Due to the recent changes of adding a new ferret, the changes may be causing stress, so a veterinary visit is in order to start.

Depending on their age, and you say ferret kits, it is possible the ferret is chewing due to his age. If this is the case, which can be determined after a vet visit, then you need to keep acceptable chewing toys in the cage and remove all chewable bedding until this ferret grows out of the need to destroy bedding.

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