Ferret Carries Off His Prize

This video captures a ferret in the act of stealing away with a favorite item. Can you stand the cuteness?

Call me silly, but I can’t get enough of videos that show a ferret stealing something. This one showing Duke the ferret stealing an impressively large but also apparently light snakelike stuffed animal is another for the list. 

The amazing thing about this one is that Duke carries his snakelike prize down some stairs, which is understandably slow going. Once he hits the floor, though, he pretty much races away. I’m sure that treasure is destined for “the stash.” 

Why do ferrets steal and stash? If it were food items, I would totally understand. Who doesn’t want to have a snack hidden away for later? But these nonfood items are a puzzlement. Some powerful instinct is obviously at work. Perhaps all ferrets are frustrated interior designers. Frankly, I think this trait is part of the ferret charm. What does your ferret steal and stash?

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