Ferret Becomes An Ankle Biter

Why is a ferret suddenly biting ankles?

Q: I’ve had my ferret Fiona since December 2010. Suddenly she’s an ankle biter. She bites hard! What’s the deal?

A: You don’t mention a few things that could lead to this change in your ferret’s behavior. The age of a ferret is always a clue, as a young ferret may be more inclined to bite. Your ferret’s health is also relevant, as adrenal gland disease can lead to aggression.

Additionally, the weather may play a role. In the winter and into the spring, I usually wear pants around my ferrets but in warmer weather I wear shorts, which leaves my ankles vulnerable to biting.

Finally, you say “suddenly” she’s an ankle biter. What could she be trying to tell you? Does she want to be picked up? Does she want attention? Are you about to step on her? Think about what’s going on when the bites happen.

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