Ferret Becomes A Cuddle Bug

Is it cause for concern if a ferret suddenly likes to cuddle when it didn’t previously?

Q: My ferret Romeo is 3 years 9 months old and is delightful. When we take him out of his cage, he is anxious to get down on the floor and run around — until recently. Now, he seems content to stay in our arms, often for long periods, licking us and just relaxing. I would think that something is wrong, except for the fact that when we do put him down, he runs and dances and behaves the same as he always has. He’s eating and pooping just fine and sees the veterinarian for a yearly check-up. Should I be concerned, or do you think he’s just getting more mellow as he ages?

A: I must start by stating that any behavior change, especially in a ferret that is almost 4 years old, is cause for a veterinary visit. The veterinarian can ensure that the ferret is healthy.

If the veterinarian clears your ferret, then it simply could be that, as you suspect, your ferret is getting a little older and is more willing to be cuddled. A young ferret usually has too much energy for cuddling but can start to enjoy it as it slows down with age.

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