Ferret Attracted To Fire

Why do ferrets try to get into a fireplace?

Q: When we have our fireplace on, our ferret tries to go into the fire. Is this normal?

A: I don’t know if it “normal,” but it is certainly a common behavior for pet ferrets. I wish I could explain it, but, alas, I have no idea what ferrets are thinking. Perhaps they think the pretty colors are something they can steal and hide from us.

We also have a fireplace, and our cats and dogs leave it alone all season. The ferrets, on the other hand, are always trying to get into the fireplace.

Winter and holiday seasons can be dangerous times for pet ferrets, including hazards from visitors accidently letting them out of the house, the upheaval, climbing Christmas trees, trying to stop them eating or drinking the tree water, the extra “treats” around and the fire. Be cautious and pay close attention to any ferret that has time to explore the house.

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