Ferret Attacks Squeaky Toy

A ferret owner wonders why a baby ferret is attacking a squeaky toy.

Q: My baby ferret is adamant about attacking a squeaky toy. Its tail ruffles, it makes a strange noise and it bit me hard in the process. No other ferret has shown this type of behavior over a squeaky toy.

A: Some ferrets have a really well-defined prey drive and the squeak probably sounds like something your ferret thinks it worth attacking or even eating. Ferrets are carnivorous predators. We often forget that, especially when they are cuddling with us and looking cute. Don’t forget that those carnivore teeth are made for tearing into prey. Prey such as rodents can make a noise just like a squeaky toy. Getting bitten during this excited, frenzied, hunting behavior can be a problem, so make sure that you are paying attention. If a squeaky toy is out, keep your hands and feet safe, but enjoy watching your ferret acting in a most natural way.

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