Ferret And Kitten Fight

Why do a ferret and kitten fight?

Q: I have a 2-year-old, male ferret, and I recently got a kitten that is 5 months old. My ferret loves everything and everyone and never bites; he’s probably the best-behaved animal I have seen in a while. My kitten pounces on him and bites and rabbit-kicks him. My ferret makes a squeaky whining noise, kind of like when I first got him but not exactly the same. When the kitten stops, the ferret tries to get him back. Should I be concerned or is it just play?

A: The interaction that you describe between your ferret and kitten sounds like play, because they seem to take turns “attacking” each other, they take breaks and no blood is drawn. As the kitten ages, the two will probably play less. For now, it seems that your ferret and kitten are enjoying each other’s company.

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