Female Argonaut Octopus on Display at Cabrillo Aquarium in California

Pelagic warm water animal was brought in by fishermen.

A female argonaut octopus (Argonauta argo), or paper nautilus has been captured off the Southern California coast and is currently on display at the Cabrillo Aquarium in San Pedro, Calif. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the cephalopod has hitched a ride on unusually warm ocean currents that are pushing off the coast.

Water temperatures off the coast of Southern California are unusually warm, in the upper 60s when this time of year the water temperatures should be in the low 60s. The octopus, of which there is little known about, is a pelagic animal that lives in tropical and subtropical waters, floating near the surface where it grabs prey. Its current home is a 4-foot tall tank at the aquarium where hundreds of visitors have gone to take a look at the octopus.


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