Feline Research Gift Made in Honor of Late Bulldog

Jeremy and Cinnamin the cat were close companions before he died in 2008.

Jeremy, a Bulldog with a soft spot for cats, has been memorialized with a recent gift from his owner to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Happy Healthy Cat Campaign.

Florida resident Judith Ditfurth said her Bulldog and cat Cinnamin were inseparable. Since the Bulldog died unexpectedly on Christmas Eve 2008, the cat has been “lost without him,” she said in a statement.

Jeremy had been her only dog for the past year and a half, and he wasn’t interested in canine friends. He and Cinnamin, however, were close companions. For Ditfurth, it was fitting to honor his love of cats with a gift to the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign, which is working to improve cat health.

The campaign launched in November to raise pet owner awareness of feline health issues and increase funding for cat research and training. In addition to her memorial gift for Jeremy, Ditfurth recently honored her 16 past and current cats through donations to the campaign, according to MAF.

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