Feline Olympics: The Kitten Summer Games Are Back

These are the most important Olympic games this summer. For cat lovers anyway.

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One of the competing kitten Olympic medal hopefuls practices the uneven bars. Via Hallmark Channel
Cari Jorgensen

On August 5, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, the world will be watching one special Olympic event: the Kitten Summer Games. OK, so you might be tuning in to NBC to watch those other Olympics, but we suggest also tuning in to the Hallmark Channel to watch kittens show off their skills in gymnastics, balance beam, uneven bars, rings, floor exercises, decathlon, track and field, pole vault, high jump, volleyball, tennis, wrestling and more. These kitties are serious athletes (they’d have to be to qualify for the Olympics, right?).

More than 100 adorable – and adoptable – kitten athletes from all over the world will be competing for the coveted bronze, silver and gold medals. Knowing which kitty to root for could be difficult. Thankfully, Hallmark Channel has extensive bios on each feline athlete. Here are a few of the top contenders.

Cathlete No. 1: Felina Williams, Tennis

Her bio reveals that she never double faults and doesn’t believe she’s ever at fault. She also likes to collect and attack shoelaces in her spare time.

Cathlete No. 2: Kristy Yama Cat Chi, Gymnastics

Yama Cat Chi has trained by swinging on the strings of blinds, her bio states. She slimmed down for the event by giving up tuna and mice.

Cathlete No. 3: Pawdre Ag-Hissy, Tennis

According to his bio, Ag-Hissy has a killer backpaw and forepaw. He also tends to stop in the middle of the match and assault the ball.

Cathlete No. 4: Nadia Come n Scratch Me, Gymnastics

Nadia’s training includes running at maximum speed through the house repeatedly, according to her bio. Her team of handlers’ only job is to scratch behind her ears.

Cathlete No. 5: Cat-Lewis, Track & Field

Cat-Lewis preferred to have little disclosed about him. He wants his athletic ability to speak for itself.

Cathlete No. 6: Purr-Cules, Boxing & De-Cat-Alon

The name says it all.

Now that you’ve met some of the competing athletes, check out this footage of the cats at the Olympic trials.

Be sure to tune in August 5 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time to see the kittens compete. All of the kittens are from North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. Homes will be found for the kittens once the games are finished. Beth Stern will host the event and Mary Carillo will announce.

Which kitten are you rooting for?

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