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Cat Fancy- Rafael the Collie and Abyssinians- August 2011

Rafael the Collie thinks he is a movie star, thanks to the attention he receives from the Abyssinians in Lisa Fairbanks’ home. “He enters the room wagging his tail, and the Abys run to him,” explains the breeder from Southern California. “They hug his neck, wind around his legs, caress his face and play with his tail.”

Fairbanks’ Abyssinians bestow the rock-star treatment on visitors, too, giving kisses and sitting on shoulders every time a guest enters the house. Fairbanks jokingly claims that her cats become more excited by visitors than they do about her and her family.

Such an outgoing, extroverted nature is a hallmark of the Abyssinian. Breeders and enthusiasts describe the cat as friendly, affectionate, social, people-oriented and just about any other term that defines how the breed wants to be part of every single thing going on in its environment. 

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