Feline Gravy Train

Encourage your cat to eat all of her wet food by mashing up the pieces and adding a bit of water to the gravy.

Q. My cat Jane primarily eats dry food, however, I like to give her a can of wet food a couple of times a week. I feel the wet food provides her with some fluids to prevent kidney problems or dehydration. She only eats the gravy off the whole pieces and leaves them to dry and stick horribly to her dish. Is there the option of gravy only wet cat food?

A. Your veterinarian can recommend a pet food company that makes various veterinary diets that come in packets, which are, essentially, a gravy only wet cat food. The advantage of using these foods is that they are completely balanced and good for your cat. Ask your veterinarian about the availability of this diet in your area. As another alternative, mix the wet food she prefers with some water to increase her overall water consumption. Because many cats are finicky about the texture of the food that they are eating, this may not please her. Also, be sure to provide your cat with plenty of fresh water daily to prevent dehydration.

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