Feline Fitness

The benefits of exercise are more than just physical.

Fat cats, like all felines, are easy to love — what with their large, round heads, blubbery bellies and adorable waddles. But while fat cats might be cute to look at, inside they’re unhealthy and needy for change. Statistics from the 2007 National Pet Obesity Awareness Day study estimate that up to 54 percent of all cats are overweight, and a whopping 19 percent of cats have been diagnosed as being overweight by veterinarians. Diet can work wonders, but it’s not always enough. Just as people need exercise, cats — especially ones that are overweight — are in dire need of exercise, which is why implementing a fitness program for kitty can be your absolute best bet in battling the bulge!

Click here for CatChannel’s simple feline fitness plan.

**Get the January 2009 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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