Feline Enhancements

Nutraceutical trends for feline friends.

Beth Gerber moved with her Abyssinian Bitsy from a home in Seattle to an apartment in Chicago.

“The move has been difficult for both of us,” Gerber says. “Bitsy was always able to go out and spent time in an enclosed backyard area, but now she is confined to the apartment. I am also working longer hours at my new job and have less time to spend with her.”

Since relocating, Gerber was concerned about Bitsy’s inappropriate elimination, inactivity and excessive crying.

“She was depressed, and I questioned whether I made a mistake by moving here,” Gerber says. “I tried everything to reduce her stress. Eventually, my use of supplements boosted her immune system, and she started to feel better.”

Supplements, often called nutraceuticals, are foodstuffs produced in a purified or extracted form with the intent of improving the health and well-being of animals. According to Susan Weiss, president of Ark Naturals, a manufacturer of holistic remedies and snacks, one reason to enhance a cat’s diet with supplements is to help reduce stress, as in Bitsy’s case. Other reasons include: supplementing a restricted diet, fighting an illness, recovering from surgery or taking medication.

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