Feline Acne Problem

Stress may be the cause of your cat's breakouts. Learn some other common causes, and how to treat feline acne.

Feline acne is a localized infection involving the chin area. Every veterinarian has a favored method of treatment, but the problem tends to be resistant to treatment. If oral and topical antibiotic therapies do not heal the infection, sometimes oral and topical antifungal therapies will help. A poll of our readers in the past showed the treatment of choice to be full-strength peroxide applied topically. One cat owner theorized that stress was a contributing factor in her cat’s acne. She put the cat on Bach Rescue Remedy, a combination of several flower essences that addresses physical and emotional trauma and stress. She said her cat’s chin cleared quickly.

Some owners have observed that their cats break out with acne when they are given petrolatum-based hairball remedies or when they eat certain foods. Some veterinarians recommend feeding cats with feline acne only out of glass, ceramic or stainless steel bowls to minimize exposure to reactions to plastics.

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