Feel The Love At This Annual Birthday Party For Rescue Dog Littermates

A birthday party brings all the dogs together.

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All the dogs! These littermates have a fun family reunion whenever their birthday rolls around. Via skydart/imgur

Party like it’s your birthday, Laika. And all your siblings’ birthday, too.

Each year, six canine littermates adopted by different people all get together to celebrate their birthday, reddit user skylab (aka actress Chloe Dykstra) posted recently. The littermates were born two years ago and each found a home with “wonderful people,” writes Dykstra, whose member of the pack is a super cute black-and-white mix named Laika.

“Two years ago, a honey-colored doggie was rescued from a shelter — she was pregnant,” Dykstra wrote. “All of the puppies were adopted out to wonderful people — and one of the puppies came home with me. Every year, we get together again and have a big ol’ dog birthday party. It’s the best day of my year.” Via skydart/imgur

The dogs were born to a pregnant mother rescued from a shelter by a generous soul. She managed to find homes for all the puppies in the litter. There’s even a step-sibling in the mix.

“Hard to believe all of these dogs are related- except the big derpy husky in the bottom left corner. He’s the stepbrother, Cyrus. The mama, Sophie, is the honey-colored one on the right.” Via skydart/imgur

“Every year, we get together again and have a big ol’ dog birthday party,” Dykstra says in her post. “It’s the best day of my year.”

“Laika being cute while all the other dogs are thirsty.” Via skydart/imgur

Do the dogs remember each other? A reddit user wanted to know.

“They actually do remember each other!” Dykstra replied. “There’s no reacquainting, they all just jump right in and start playing. None of the dog parents knew each other before we adopted, and we all live rather far from each other — otherwise we’d have far more doggie playdates.”

Treat time! Via skydart/imgur

The pictures do reflect a pretty epic birthday.

“Post-party exhausted Laika. She slept for days.” Via skydart/imgur

And at least one tuckered-out dog.

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