Feeding Your Medium-Breed Puppy

Get tips on how best to feed your medium-breed puppy.

We’ve all seen the famous Beagle, sitting on top of his dog house, pondering life’s great mysteries. The Bulldog and his underbite, proudly strutting the sidelines as a famous college football mascot. The athletic Border Collies teaching a pig to herd sheep. Like you, we adore these medium-sized breeds because they’re loaded with personality. They’re individuals in a world of strip malls and convenience stores. Not even their nutritional requirements are average. That’s why Eukanuba developed a special recipe to feed your medium-sized puppy. Its packed with nutritious ingredients in the correct proportions so that Junior has all the energy he needs for running, drooling and posing. So before you tear open a bag of the usual stuff, look at what we can give your exceptional little fellow.

Unique Formulas

We’ve figured out the ideal nutritional needs for medium-breed pups—those who are expected to weight between 20 and 50 pounds when full grown. Our not-so-secret recipe includes:

• Antioxidants including beta-carotene and vitamin E (to help maintain immune health)

• Fiber, such as beet pulp (tastier than it sounds)

• Carbohydrates like barley and grain sorghum (provides extra energy for laps around the garden)

• Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (for a show-stopping coat)

There are teeny-tiny pups. And extra-large pups. Then, there are those that are just right for better-than-average reasons. Make sure you feed him wisely.

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