Fat Cat Sheds 22 Pounds for Summer Swimsuit Season

Skinny the tabby learned this one weird trick about belly fat. (Hint: You get rid of it with diet and exercise.)

Photo by Jana Hipp of HEAL

In 2012, a 41-pound cat was found roaming alone near Dallas soon finding himself in an animal shelter searching for his forever home. The orange tabby’s new ‘mom’ came in the form of Dr. Brittney Barton, owner of HEAL Veterinary Hospital & Pet Rehabilitation, who adopted him in 2013, and immediately began working on changing his physique – while showering him with TLC.

Dubbed Skinny, the tubby tabby was placed on a strict diet and exercise routine, shedding more than half his body weight in the course of two years, and dropping from a hefty 41 pounds to his current healthy weight of 19 pounds. Barton feels that the drastic drop in weight makes Skinny a prime example of the fact that, while he’s meant to be large in size, “he’s not supposed to be an obese cat.”

Skinny, who works as HEAL’s “resident cat,” has become somewhat of a Dallas darling, spending his weekdays roaming the HEAL office, and weekends chilling with Barton and her family. Though clearly a cat with a full calendar, he’s now adding another thing to his to-do list: serving as an inspiration to other chunky kitties working to drop the weight!

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