Fast Facts About Chinchilla Teeth

Discover these fascinating dental basics.

1. Chinchilla teeth are hypsodontic, which means that they grow continuously throughout the animal’s life.

2. The color of a healthy chinchilla’s teeth is dark yellow.

3. Chinchillas are prone to dental disease if they are not provided with a proper diet and a source to wear down their teeth.

4. Baby chinchillas are born with teeth.

5. The growth rate of chinchilla teeth is 2 to 2.5 inches (4 to 6 cm) per year.

6. Chinchillas have 20 teeth.

7. Your chinchilla’s teeth may chatter if your pet feels threatened or is in pain.

8. Overgrown chinchilla teeth may result in severe pain, and if left unattended, can entrap a chinchilla’s tongue.

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