Farewell, Dog Lovers

After a year and a half of blogging twice a month on DogChannel, it’s time for me to move on. I have really enjoyed writing about the dogs in my life, from my childhood dog, Titi, to my pet-sitting clients, to my mom’s dog, Duchess.

My favorite part of blogging is interacting with my readers. Your comments were often on target and very meaningful. I can assure you I read each and every comment, and checked frequently to see what you had to say.

I feel my readers were most touched by my stories about the challenges faced by my clients with older or special-needs dogs. Many commented about similar experiences they have gone through, from battling a dog’s cancer diagnosis to managing diabetes, and to dealing with the hardest decision of all – when to let go.

The pet-sitting clients whose dogs I wrote about loved to see the stories about their precious pets and pictures of their dogs. They also enjoyed reading your comments and were touched by the understanding you showed.

I hope you have enjoyed what you read and will continue to visit DogChannel. Give your special dog a kiss from me.

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