Fanglish: Cat Body Parts

Paw and order, Nailed it and Scentral location -- Cats have funny ways of referring to other cats' body parts.

We humans can be a little obsessed with cat bodies. Really, how cute are they? From the top of their sweet little ears to the tip of their twitchy tails, every inch of them is 1,000-percent adorable.

This week, my feline informant wanted to taunt me with Fanglish cat slang involving the body parts of kitties. I was, of course, on board. In fact, I paid him an extra bag of chicken cat-treats because of his fine offering. He readily took the bag because he knows how difficult it can be to sneak these contraband lists to me each week. The cat world at large likes to keep their underground lingo on the down-low, and my guy is a total mole. I don’t mind at all, though – the more I know about my cats, the better prepared I’ll be when the feline overlords take control of the world … nay, the universe. I don’t want to be caught off guard — and neither do you, so listen up, friends. But keep this whole cat slang thing to yourself, please. Your cats are always watching, you know. Of course you know.

So are you ready for this week’s Fanglish? Here are the latest and greatest cat-slang terms, all about the delightful kitty body !

Turbulence ahead
The message sent by a cat’s flattened ears.

The Lady picked up Felix, but put him down right away because she saw turbulence ahead.

Nailed it
Snagging one’s claw in a blanket.

Lucy walked across The Lady’s afghan and totally nailed it.

Grasping for air
Kneading one’s paws into the air.

The Man rubbed behind Mitzy’s ears until she was grasping for air.

The art of switching one’s tail, thus creating a swattable toy for another cat.

Patches may have been lazy, but she was skilled at treating the other cats to her switchcraft.

Leftover licker
A tiny bit of tongue left hanging out of a cat’s mouth after a bath.

The Man loved to take photos of Mr. Fuffypants’ leftover licker.

Scentral location
Another cat’s bottom area.

Lucy walked by and Marshmallow homed in on her scentral location.

Glowing cat eyes that appear that appear in flash-heavy photos.

The Lady forgot to turn off the flash, resulting in several iGlow photos of Pancake and French Fry.

Fuzzy slippers
Tufts of fur between a fuzzy cat’s toes.

Maurice’s fuzzy slippers made him slide across the kitchen floor when he chased Clarence.

Loaf of wry
A cat tightly tucked into the loaf position, and wearing a sarcastic facial expression.

The Lady wanted Moo Moo to play with The Grandma, but he was clearly a loaf of wry.

Paw and order

A cat’s method of directing orders at humans by pawing at them.

After a bit of paw and order, The Lady finally put down her book and allowed Pumpkin in her lap.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Fanglish post. Please join us again next week for a new list of terms. And remember … shhh! I’m trusting you with this.

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