Fancy Mice and Color Varieties

Learn about fancy mice and the different color varieties available.

Fancy mice are those that have been bred for showing. The American Fancy Mouse and Rat Association governs shows for mice in the United States. The organization keeps records of mouse pedigrees and keeps track of mouse show records.

Fancy Mice
Fancy mice come in seven different coat varieties:

Standard: These mice have coats that people typically associate with mice.

Satin: Mice with this coat have fur with a lustrous sheen.

Long Hair: The coat on these mice is long and thick.

Long Hair Satin: The coat is long, fine and has a sheen.

Frizzie: Mice of this variety have very curly hair.

Frizzie Satin: These mice have curly hair that has a lustrous sheen.

Hairless: These mice do not have hair.

Fancy mice come in a number of different colors as well, including beige, black, chocolate, blue, white, coffee, cream, gold, lilac, red, fawn, champagne, cinnamon, silver and dove.

Mice Colors
Mice colors are grouped according to pattern:

Selfs: These mice feature one solid color over the entire body.

Tan & Fox: The Tan pattern features a solid color on top with tan underparts. The Fox pattern shows a top color with an almost white contrasting underside.

Marked: These mice have spotting of any color over a white base.

Any Other Color (AOC): These mice possess colorations not covered in the other color categories, such as agouti and pearl.

Any Other Color Pattern (AOCP): This group includes mice with dark points on a white base, brindle, merle and other patterns.

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