Fancy Find: Wrap Gifts With Your Dog’s Face

Does it really matter what the present is when it's wrapped in the greatest gift of all?

I don’t need a lot of excuse to show off my dog’s photos. That beautiful, wrinkled face is a gift to mankind.

So imagine my excitement when I found A website that allows you to make custom wrapping paper with your dog’s face on it. You can actually put anyone’s face on it, but let’s be honest, I’m sure most people I know would rather receive a gift wrapped in furry faces.

Wrap My Face, Huggs Elf paper 

(and yes I just happened to already have a photo of my dog wearing an elf hat – why so many questions??) 

I love this paper because first off, it’s hilarious. There are several designs to choose from for the holidays, birthdays and more. Second, custom is always awesome – personalization always takes gift giving to the next level. And lastly, it’s a gift in itself; and I love the gift that keeps on giving.

 Wrap My Face, corgi paper 

You can wrap all of your gifts in your dog’s face which is amazing or you can wrap your friends gifts in their own dog’s faces. What could be better? You could even just give them a roll of wrapping paper as a gift! 


Wrap My Face, Anna Snowman paper 


Another bonus is the reasonable price. I feared that this custom print would break the bank but at $14.99/roll and $7.99/half roll, it’s a steal.  

Wrap My Face, Hanukkah paper 


The website let’s you upload your favorite picture or pictures of your pets and crop them out so you get just a head. You can then add your pups face to a variety of designs. It’s easy to do and simple to use. So even if you are not sure you’re ready to go full face wrap, visit the website and play around with the options, because once you see your dog’s face on wrapping paper, life will just make sense.

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