Fancy Find: Hanukkah PJ’s for the Dog-Lover in Your Life

Nothing says happy Hanukkah like mashugana dogs in yarlmulkes.

If you are a celebrator of Hanukkah, you can understand the feeling of excitement and joy one gets upon finding pretty much anything related to the holiday in a store that’s not located inside your local temple. Finding something cute or trendy even seems like an impossible task. Finding something made by a brand I’ve heard of (and like) is as big of a miracle as the oil that lasted eight nights. 

So you can imagine my sheer delight when my husband gave me these, P.J. Salvage dog pajamas, (which he got at Kitson) for the first night of Hanukkah!

Pj Salvage Dog Pajamas. Photo by Samantha Meyers 

Seriously, how cute are these?! They combine all of my favorite things: funny dogs, holidays, flannel pajama suits and hilarious puns! What more could a jewish, dog-loving editor, who loves jokes and comfort ask for? I already have a husband who finds and buys me Hanukkah dog pajamas (what a mensch,) so clearly these are the only things on my list for the year. Hanukkah is only downhill from here. 

And because it’s the detail that counts, take a closer look:  

Pj Salvage Hanukkah dog print. Photo by Samantha Meyers 


I think this “Latke Apso” may be my spirit animal.

And double points for the Frenchie who looks just like Huggs!


I plan to wear these throughout Hanukkah. And when I say throughout, I mean to say that I think a striking, flannel pant suit such as this, qualifies at minimum as business casual attire.

As a general rule, I love P.J. Salvage. Aside from these Hanukkah pajamas that encompass my body (and holiday spirit) in warmth, the company has a French Bulldog mascot and an awesome variety of pjs and robes in adorable doggie designs all year round. 

There pajamas are sold online and in several stores including Kitson, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales and on Amazon, just to name a few. Learn more at 

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