Fancy Find: Fox Terrier Book End Anthropologie

A loyal friend who will also guard my books.

It’s the new year and in honor of getting a fresh start, I took a lot of time over the holidays to clean, organize and clear out clutter. It allowed me to pinpoint the areas of my life that matter most and to envision a new look and outlook for the new year. 

Clean, fresh and fancy have been my mantra this week and I’ll be sharing what I find along the way. I have also reminded myself it’s okay to spend a little more on things I really love, instead of a little bit on a bunch of things that are only so-so. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but leads to more happiness in the end and really who can argue with that?

One area that I decided was huge for me was my office- both at home and at work. I spend a lot of my time working, so it makes sense that this should be a place of inspiration, organization, joy and fun! Also, our office is moving this month to an awesome new location and I’m super stoked to get a blank slate and a fresh start – let the decorating begin! 

So for my first office find, I present you this adorable, functional and hilarious Fox Terrier Bookend from Anthropologie

Fox Terrier Bookend 


Can’t you just picture this mustached friend holding up my vintage issues of DOG FANCY? 

Stuffed, weighted, practical and stylish, I’m not sure how my desk has survived with out him. Clearly he will fix all my problems in the new year. At $68, I could almost get an actual dog to guard my books, but I don’t have to clean up after this one and he looks less likely to judge me than my real life dog, so that’s worth something. 

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